About Me

Info about Myself and my Mission with Crucent Web Design.

A Little Info

I’m Matt Crum, owner of Crucent Web Design. I’ve been designing websites and digital products for the last decade. Everything from websites to online training to digital product sales pages to SEO. If you’re a new or small business, let’s connect and see how I can help with your digital needs.

My Mission

I build, maintain, and grow a strong web presence for small to medium sized businesses. I offer a custom and engaging design experience to help businesses turn the heads of their target audience, convert more customers, and rise above their competition.

Name & Logo

When coming up for a name for my freelance business, I wanted it to be something that represented what was very important to me and how I lived out every aspect of my life. The name Crucent is a mixture of two root words, one in Latin and one in Greek. “Cruc” is the Latin word for “Cross”. “Ent” is the Greek word for “someone who is inclined to”. So Crucent means someone who is inclined to or leans on the Cross. That Cross is the cross where my savior, Jesus, showed the ultimate sacrifice by dying on it for my sins so that I (and others) will be saved to eternity and that I may know him as my personal savior.

The logo is a very simple design. I took the C for Crucent and put a line though the top to make a Cross so as to hint at not only what might be the meaning of the name but also show what I believe and stand for.

So, are you finally ready to have an amazing website you can be proud of?

Don't delay! I am ready to help you have the best online prescence you can possibly imagine!